We are now hiring!

Who we are at Sones & White is even more important than what we do, and the quality of our services springs directly from our values. We have pursued a lengthy and intentional process to discover and describe what drives us, uncovering six core values that capture our unique identity.

Our Core Values

Team Player:   Encouraging  |  Selfless  |  Builds others up

Servant:   Humble  |  Self-sacrificing  |  Passionate for excellent service

Fun:   Energized and energizing  |  Joyful  |  Lighthearted

Meaningful Work:   Values our work  |  Sees own role as significant

Faithful:   Reliable  |  Trustworthy  |  Demonstrates integrity

Creative Problem-Solver:   Brainstormer  |  Overcomes obstacles  |  “Figures It Out”

Current Open Positions

All positions at Sones & White provide opportunities for growth and advancement. Since we work with confidential data, team members must have excellent judgment and discretion.

Think you may be a great fit for Sones & White? If so, please check out our open positions below.

Certification Specialist

Our Certification Specialist will work in close collaboration with and is directly accountable to our Director of Certification and Target Market Modifications. This new position is a project-execution role that includes working with lending and demographic data, mapping systems, and Sones & White’s CDFI Certification processes and tools. We are seeking a self-starter…

Research Assistant

The Research Assistant (RA) position is foundational to nearly everything we do at Sones & White. Our RAs process bank loan reports in Excel format; geocode, collect, and enter data for grant applications; review and organize loan documents; and assist our consultants in developing and maintaining the processes that enable us to serve our clients well. An ideal candidate…